Monday, October 24, 2011

another typical fall day

Little bit of everything day

another typical fall day…was a little worried that I was going to get wet, but it has actually stayed dry all day, despite the dark clouds that come and go.

Heron on a post

the resident Heron was on a post today – interesting thing was that there had been a gull on this piling, but it didn’t even put up an argument when it saw the heron headed in it’s direction.

Eagles and Gulls on the flats

Pretty typical out on the flats too, lots of Bald Eagles and Gulls.  Could hear some Mallards and American Wigeon but there weren’t any ducks in close today.

lots of salmon in log bay

Lots of Salmon in the log bay…in fact I think more than I’ve seen for a few years…of course I checked back and there is more water in there right now then there was on this date last year.

Salmon in the log bay

Still trying to get a decent picture of them, but this gives an indication of the numbers that were there.  Other than this, nothing out of the ordinary today, lots of Chickadees in one section, could hear Kinglets in another – that was about it.

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