Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A walk between downpours

Hard to believe that here we are, almost at the middle of the month and this is only the second posting I’ve managed but between the continuing high water, in fact it has come back up again, and the unending rain I just haven’t got out, and when I do, there isn’t much to report.

log bay Oct. 4, 2011

Today, when we had a break between weather systems, I was determined to get out for a walk…here is the log bay…very full of water.

dead salmon

there are obviously Salmon about, as evidenced by these floating carcasses…I didn’t see any actually swimming…

Black clouds in the distance

but with more black clouds closing in, I didn’t spend too much time looking.  There was a Belted Kingfisher in this area but all along the path it was very quiet.

the water filled path

The number of Bald Eagles is definitely increasing, they are flying back and forth over head constantly.  Saw a couple of Great Blue Heron today, one Northern Harrier, a couple of Sharp-shin Hawks, about a dozen Canada Geese and a few Gulls…not much else…and we just made it home before the skies opened – again!

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