Monday, October 17, 2011

Now this is more like it!

What a gorgeous stretch of weather we are having!

Finally can walk across again

Finally the water levels have dropped so we can resume our normal walk

Flats reappearing

and with the gravel bars reappearing the activity is definitely increasing!  Must have been a hundred Bald Eagles out there today plus numerous gulls..I could hear some other call as well that I did not recognize at all. Saw a couple of Great Blue Heron and heard the Kingfisher.

Salmon in the log bay

and over at the log bay there were Salmon…lot’s of Salmon…those swirls on the water surface are caused by the Salmon swimming in circles as they spawn..

Salmon in the bay

I tried for some close ups but I think I’d have had better luck on a duller day..

Vocal Gulls

a couple of vocal Gulls…the one on the left is a Glaucous-wing, I’m wondering if the one on the right with it’s darker gray back and speckled neck is a Glaucous-wing/Western cross….we seem to get a few of those each year but I’m not a ‘gull’ expert by any means!

lots of salmon

One last picture of the bay, the clear gravel areas are where the Salmon have been busy

Away from the water, there were several Northern Flicker calling from various areas, a couple of small flocks of Junco and I heard that Wren again…and I must correct myself…they used to be called ‘Winter’ Wren ~ now they are known as ‘Pacific’ Wren – will have to try to remember that!

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