Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today is one of those absolutely beautiful fall days that make you forget just how miserable all that rain was!

Oct.13 001

The sun was shining and it was wonderful and warm (sorry for the blotch on the pictures…I did something stupid in my computer yesterday and until I get it corrected I don’t dare go into my photo editing program!)

Oct.13 004

There were quite a few ducks out there today including the first Gadwall I’ve seen so far this season.  Quite a few American Wigeon as well…

Oct.13 005 

in fact, when this Heron flew down into this area, a hundred or so ducks rose up out of the grass…they were still in pretty non-descript plumage but I think they must have been Wigeons because they didn’t display the hysterics that Mallards would have, but simply settled back down into the grass once they realized it was a Heron and not an Eagle after them.

Oct.13 007

over at the log bay the water has dropped ever so slightly.  Still couldn’t see any swimming salmon, just more ‘floaters’

Oct.13 009

I wanted to try and show that there are a number of Eagles way over by the Harrison where there is actually some dry land appearing…I counted approximately 50 out there, with another 8 or so over on our side, enjoying the sunshine by soaring above the hillside.

Oct.13 013

Speaking of enjoying sunshine, it seems the birds were as glad to see it as we humans…this Spotted Towhee was sunbathing….

Oct.13 016

as were a number of Dark Eyed Junco.  I should also mention that I heard the first Winter Wren of the season today, there were also a lot of what I think must have been Golden Crowned Kinglets in the trees but couldn’t actually spot any of them.  That flock of Pine Sisken were still around too.

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