Friday, October 14, 2011

Another nice day….

Another nice fall day…

nice autumn day

Skies not quite so clear blue as yesterday, but we’ll take it!  Didn’t venture over to the park today, just spent some time down here and wandering around in our complex.

Heron, Gull and Eagles

The usual activity….lot’s of Bald Eagles way over on the far side, but also a dozen or so constantly seen flying over head…also a number of Ravens flying over and could hear Crows, along with the usual Gulls way over by the Harrison.  Speaking of Gulls, did spot one Mew Gull today.  Only one Great Blue Heron  – right in the middle of the picture.  Was happy to spot a Salmon swimming by as well…only one, but it is a start!

An Eagle flew over

That flock of ducks were out in the same spot again…an Eagle had just flown over causing them to rise out of the grasses.  There were a few American Wigeon, and Mallards swimming closer to where I was standing…no sign of the Gadwalls today.


This Darner Dragonfly landed close to my feet, giving an opportunity for close ups..

Dragonfly Face

want to see a Dragonfly face – close up???

an alien?

rather alien looking isn’t it?

Should mention also that today, for the first time in several months, I had a few male Red-wing Blackbirds at my feeder so I guess they are starting to return to the area…I’d mentioned earlier how strange it seemed to not be seeing or hearing them.

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