Friday, October 21, 2011


Wet – that is about all I can say about today.  Had to resort to hiking boots and a winter jacket, and even so we didn’t attempt forcing our way through the soaking bushes..

wet day

The usual assortment of ducks were out there…

Heron and ducks

and so was the Heron – there seemed to be a few more Green Wing Teal today.

First bay

a fair bit of Salmon activity over in the first bay..

salmon and beave food

here a Salmon fin going by what is presumably some Beaver handiwork as they drag some willow branches to their den area for an emergency food supply should there be a harsh winter.


an adult (on left) and a juvenile (on right) Bald Eagle in the poplar tree by the viewing platform…and that was about all we took the time for.  Did spot a small hawk, I think a Sharp Shin, fly by and there was a Northern Harrier out on the flats…also have noticed an increase in the number of Red-wing Blackbirds coming to my feeder – there was also a female there, among the males today.

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