Monday, October 31, 2011


The last day of the month…already! and it was spookily quiet today, at least along the foreshore…I think some little Sharp Shin Hawk or something similar must have done a ‘fly by’ just before we went for our walk because everybody was hidden and not making a sound!

Green Wing Teal and Mallards

A lot of Green Wing Teal again today…I’d ‘guesstimate’ close to a hundred…some Mallard and just a few American Wigeon.

log bay

Quieter over at the log bay as well, still lots of Salmon in the bay


out on the flats it was a different story…somewhere between 300 and 400 Bald Eagles and probably into the thousands when you talk about gulls!

October 31, 2011

just a typical fall day when you look this direction…there was a wall of black behind us, but it did stay dry..

Juvenile Eagle on a post

This juvenile Bald Eagle was about the only bird in close although there were numbers of eagles and gulls flying around.

Northwest Crow

Something a little unusual was spotting these Northwestern Crows…there was a smaller bird with them as well but I couldn’t ID it…

Pine Siskens

I wanted to get this picture in…I’ve been mentioning the large flock of Pine Sisken hanging about the area….yesterday I took this picture of just a part of the flock in the top of one of the broad leaf Maple trees.  There are 100 in this picture.  I estimate the flock at 300 at least.

and now, because it is Halloween and this is my blog so I guess I can do what I want on it…


my daughter just sent me this photo of my grandchildren…I was pretty impressed with the creative display…and the littlest one is a crow…so I guess it all ties in.  Happy Halloween!!!

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