Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First day of November

Well it was certainly a nice day to start the month with!

First bay

Nothing all that unusual or out of the ordinary today….lots of ducks…Mallard, American Wigeon, numbers of Green Wing Teal seem to be increasing and I spotted a pair of Northern Pintail today as well.

Gold Crown Kinglet

A large flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets…managed this blurry shot (really need to take my SLR and go ‘dog less’ to get shots of these active little guys.

reappearing flats

Activity pretty much the same over at the log bay as well…no sign of the Swans the last few days, but the gravel bars are emerging again, bit by bit.

Eagle tree by golf course

Not as many Eagles out on the flats today…perhaps a hundred…but this ‘eagle tree’ down off of the golf course held an even dozen.

Mew Gull

There are getting to be more gulls over on our side…this being a Mew Gull….can always tell them as they are daintier with a small bill…they also have the habit of flying up a couple of feet and then diving head first into the water.


This could be a Herring Gull….not positive on that though..

Pair of Gadwall

These are definitely a pair of Gadwall ducks

Nov. 1 008

I took this picture to point out something that constantly amazes me.  See the bird nest in the middle of the picture?  That nest is head height, right beside the trail…I’m always surprised, when the leaves drop, to see how many nests there are right where people have been walking past them and didn’t even realize they were there.  Mind you the path here was under water for a number of months so possibly the bird built and raised a family during the time that humans couldn’t get near.


and lastly it is nice to see Salmon over my way…not nearly the numbers there were ten or twelve years ago, but more than I’ve seen the last few years…

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