Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gulls Galore!

I don’t know if I ever recall seeing this many gulls over on our side of the estuary…


certainly not in the last few years – but this year we have more fish…more fish = more gulls!

Gulls galore

they were everywhere and you could hear them well before you got to where you could see them!

Gulls and Mallard

Fisheries were in the area today, doing a fish count…that explains the ‘cut in half’ salmon as they cut them in half as they are counted so they don’t count the same fish twice.

Pair of juveniles

a pair of young Bald Eagles were watching everything with interest

Injured Glaucous Wing

This trio of Glaucous-wing Gulls were busy feeding…the one in the front appears to be injured…it was also limping slightly…

Glaucous-Wing Gulls

it’s injuries didn’t stop it from eating…

Nov.9 022

In the middle of all the gulls…2 Northwestern Crows…looking rather out of place!

Herring Gull at far left

one more ‘gull’ picture…the guy right in front is a Herring Gull…if you look carefully you’ll see he has a light coloured eye while the others have dark eyes.

Just looks like fall

elsewhere a typical autumn day.  As a matter of interest I checked back to this date last year and the weather was worse…the snow much further down the mountains and more of it.

Steller's Jay

Steller’s Jay were the most active birds along the trail today…they don’t often co-operate for a picture…this one better than some but still not great.


Eagle abounded again today…not so many in the trees today, more over head…it never looks as impressive in pictures as it does ‘for real’..

Is this a cross?

one more gull picture…I guess a Glaucous-wing with the all gray coloration…but it’s legs seem a much deeper pink, more like a Thayer’s a cross of some sort perhaps? 

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