Friday, November 18, 2011

Snowy start to the day

Woke up this morning to snow….

Snowy start to the day

this time there was a coating on the ground.  Took a walk down to the estuary..

Eagles in the snow

not a lot around…noticed these 3 Bald Eagles out sitting on a stump..

Snowy path

wandered over to the …

First bay

first bay and couldn’t get any further as the over grown trail was impassable with the snow laden bushes bent right over it…


that is where the eagles were!!!  it was black with them out there on the flats, over nearer to the Harrison River.

Gulls in the snow

another area was covered in an assortment of gulls…


by mid-day the skies had cleared and the temperature had risen (got to a high of 2) and a lot of the snow had melted.  Volunteers are now getting the place ready for Eagle Festival…hence the tape to keep visitors confined to our boat launch area..


Mt. Woodside by the afternoon.  Temperatures are now expected to drop below freezing but at least it sounds like we’ll have a sunshine for the festival…at least for Saturday.

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