Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Misty wet day

Walking today was like walking in clouds…

Misty day

they were so low down….Bald Eagles were scattered everywhere!

Gray day

If you didn’t know the area you might not realize there is a mountain over there!

Heron, Mallard and activity on the flats

The only ducks around were these few at the log bay…all Mallards I think, along with this Great Blue Heron…but look at the bird life out on the flats! (you can enlarge these pictures by clicking on them, then use your back button to return to normal)

Eagles galore!

If there has been a thousand eagles out there, today there must have been at least 1500…

Rising water

One good thing about all the recent rain and warmer temperatures bringing down the snow at lower levels…is the fact that the water levels have risen a bit…concentrating the Eagles where we get to see them.  I could hear Swans out there somewhere but couldn’t spot them in the gloom..

Eagles scattered

More Bald Eagles…not a lot of anything else although I did notice one of the Robins again today and earlier in the day I’d seen a Purple Finch, first one of those I’d seen for a while.

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