Monday, November 14, 2011

Nice but nothing….

With Eagle Festival just 5 days away, it seems like I should be reporting something..

Snow on back mountains

Today was a nice sunny day, a little on the chilly side and a bit windy, but not bad at all, especially considering the rain we’ve had the past few days.  You can see snow on the top of that mountain…it was a lot further down a couple of days ago!

Nice day

The problem with today was, that apart from a few gulls, there was just nothing out there…not a peep from anybody all along the trail, not a duck, not a heron, not even an eagle – well a handful flew over, but normally on a day like today you expect the skies to be full of them.  I think there were some over along the Harrison, but nothing on this side.  I’ve said it over and over, but I’ll say it again…the birds get used to the local people, following a set pattern…but today, with the good weather and eagle festival approaching, there were several photographers packing tripods and big cameras…and not necessarily sticking to the paths…and therefore, everyone disappeared to less populated places.

Windblown Glaucous-wing Gull

only thing to take a picture of was this slightly wind blown Glaucous-wing Gull.

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