Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good day for ducks…

No, that doesn’t mean it was raining!  It means there were a lot of ducks out there today!

Hoodies again

started off with spotting the first Hooded Mergansers of the season.  Anyone following this blog knows that ‘Hoodies’ are one of my favorite duck species.

Snow on mountain top and rainbow

thanks to the clouds it is barely visible, but there is fresh snow on that little hill and there is also, very faint, a partial rainbow…right in the very middle of the picture…must have been a bit of a shower happening up the valley

log bay area

all was normal over at the log bay…there were another couple there, with serious camera equipment, so I didn’t stay too long…

Northern Pintails in foreground

but I was there long enough to notice these 5 Northern Pintail – in fact it almost looked like a family…not a great picture – I didn’t have serious camera equipment…just my little point and shoot Olympus..

Heron on a post

back at my end…the resident Great Blue Heron was on top of that piling…he was one of 3 I spotted today.

Raven in eagle tree

thought that this was a strange looking eagle in one of the ‘eagle trees’, then realized it was a Raven.

Racoon Tracks

sometimes there is a story under our feet if we just look down…obviously there had been a Raccoon down here not so long ago….those are ‘coon tracks in the mud

Female Green Wing Teal

Getting back to our duck theme…this female Green-wing Teal stayed around long enough for a picture that really shows why they have the name ‘green-wing’….of all the duck species, these guys have to be the most skittish…

Mallard & Wigeon

this is just such a typical scene right now…a pair of Mallard in the foreground and American Wigeon behind…

American Wigeons

some more of the American Wigeon….I keep scanning the flocks of these in hopes of spotting a Eurasian Wigeon among them.  I happens sometimes, but not so far this year!

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