Friday, November 25, 2011

Where the heck are all the birds?

One of the things I find end lastly fascinating is how the estuary can be so different from one day to the next…

Where are the birds?

the last couple of days there have been eagles everywhere you looked, and today, you really had to look to see even a handful of them.  No Heron’s today, only a couple of pairs of Mallards…

Female Shovelers

these two female Northern Shoveler’s were the only other ducks visible

Mew Gull

Still some gulls around, like this Mew Gull changing into adult plumage

Glaucous-wing Gull

and this Glaucous-wing Gull, at the same stage of changing into adult plumage, but after the hundreds, if not thousands that have been seen recently…even gulls were scarce.

The trail

What was seen coming straight down this path at about waist height, was a Ruffed Grouse (not in the picture) that veered off into the bush when it finally realized we were there…Pentex 088

I’ve tossed in this file photo of a Ruffed Grouse…I took this near the Teslin Lake Bird Banding Station, on Teslin Lake,Yukon, this past August.  The Ruffed grouse is easily identified as they are the only grouse with a sort of crest…the top of their head is ‘ruffed’ rather than ‘smooth.’  I think this was probably a young one…ours tend to be a darker brown in colour.

Bald Eagle

I will throw in this Bald Eagle picture…there were some around, including about 6 of them in the ‘eagle’ trees by the viewing platform..

First bay

haven’t shown a view of the first bay for a while…any rise in water levels brought on by the rain were short lived and never really effected this area at all.  There are still live fish spawning in here..

New sign

and lastly, just wanted to show that the first of our official IBA signs is now up….

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