Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gulls galore…again

The most noticeable thing today were the numbers of gulls…


large areas of the flats were absolutely white with them…


most were Glaucous-wing but I did notice a fairly high number of ‘non’ Glaucous-wing, but it was so wet and cold that I wasn’t about to stand around studying them too hard..

Eagle trees

Bald Eagles were pretty much like yesterday…scattered all over the place.  Perhaps not quite so many out on the flats.


wet, and getting a bit smelly, over at the log bay..

Heron and dead fish

Great Blue Heron in the same spot…notice all the untouched dead salmon…this is good, it means there will be food laying around for some time yet…especially since there are live salmon still spawning.

Common Merganser

Noticed these female Common Mergansers out in the gloom…it was so dark and wet almost impossible to get decent pictures..

Eagles in the gloom

Just 3 of the many Bald Eagles out there.

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