Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today holds the record for the most eagles to date this year…easily 500 of them in the area..


The numbers of Bald Eagles in the trees in the golf course alone must have been phenomenal…there was constant calling of them…if I had been ‘dog less’ and had a better camera with me, I might have defied the unfriendly signage on the gates and ventured closer – as it was didn’t figure it was worth it.


As the water levels continue to drop the gravel bars off of the golf course are becoming exposed and this is where the highest concentration of eagles are.

dull day

At the log bay, all was typical…

Heron and Mallard

This seems to have become this Great Blue Heron’s favorite spot…there were the usual 4 species of ducks….Mallard, Green Wing Teal, Gadwall and American Wigeon…no others seen today.

Song Sparrow

along the trail, a Pacific Wren, several Towhee and Song Sparrow…like the fellow above.  Else where there were quite a few Chickadees, both Black Cap and Chestnutback

First bay

a lot of splashing in the first bay as the spawning Chum Salmon get more and more concentrated in what water remains.

Glaucous Wing Gull - 1st winter

This first year Glaucous-wing Gull was quite intent on dinner…

Mew in foreground & Glaucous Wing

I took this to illustrate the size difference between the tiny first winter Mew Gull in the foreground and the two Glaucous-wing Gull…the middle being probably a second or third year and the furthest one being an adult.

One thing I want to mention…only because it was just at my feeder…last winter I had a Varied Thrush that had a longer than normal bill that was crossed slightly at the tip.  This winter, I have either the same bird, or a different one with a long bill…I’ve been trying for a picture, but so far, no luck.  I want to try and figure out if it is the same bird or not.

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