Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flying Squirrel

Something strange happened today, but before we get to that, have to say that today it felt like November.  Had to dig out the winter jacket, hat and gloves!

bay getting empty

a cool, cloudy, gray day…water levels have dropped even more so that dry spots are appearing in both the bays…

Typical scene

it’s not pretty, but it is a typical late fall portrait…decaying Chum Salmon..

dark day

the usual ducks in the usual high numbers…not as many Eagles as we’ve seen and another day with no swans…

Twins in a tree

a couple of young Bald Eagles in the tree by the viewing platform (in fact there were 5 of them, all young ones)

Gulls and Salmon in the first bay

the bay by the viewing platform held a number of gulls…most of them young ones and since I’m trying to educate myself when it comes to identifying gulls…

Young Mew Gull

I took a number of pictures….this is a 1st winter Mew Gull with the dark black tip to the bill.  Mew Gulls are easy to ID, now it is learning their ages as they take 3 years to reach maturity.

Vocal young Glaucous Wing

these, with their all black bills are first year Glaucous-wing Gulls

Young Glaucous Wing Carry on

with all the food there is around right now one would wonder why they had to have a scuffle…

Young Herring Gull

I think this one, with it’s only partial black bill is a young Herring Gull

Shelf fungi

wanted to throw this in too….I’ve been walking past it every day…this is part of an alder tree that came down some time ago…the fungi are called Shelf Fungi…and the holes were caused by Red-breasted Sapsuckers…this is part of a tree that the sapsuckers have nested in, in the past.

Now for the strange thing that happened.  I was out on my patio, talking to a neighbour when…

Flying Squirrel

a Flying Squirrel ran over to my little fountain and proceeded to drink! Flying Squirrels are no stranger to my yard…they come to my sunflower seed feeder every night but that is the interesting thing…they are nocturnal…what was one doing out in the day time?

Flying Squirrel

after drinking his fill, he headed up one of the cedar trees…

on feeder

and proceeded to feed on peanuts from the peanut feeder!  Often when an animal exhibits unusual behavior it is because they are sick.  I hope that isn’t the case here. I have found these little guys to be very tame.  We can walk up to within a couple of feet of them when they are out there at night.

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