Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anna’s Hummingbird

I wasn’t fast enough on the draw with the camera, but today I saw an Anna’s Hummingbird.  I shouldn’t be surprised, a neighbour has seen one, or possibly two different ones, several times in the past week or so.  Nevertheless I find it kind of weird to see a hummingbird at the end of October…but I guess, as this species extends its range, it is a sight we will get used to.

lots of ducks again

It was another beautiful day after a bit of a foggy start.  As you can see, lots of ducks, all the same species we’ve been seeing in recent days (minus the Pintails).  The flats, by comparison, were quite barren today..but the skies sure weren’t…it didn’t matter when you looked over head, there would be 50, 60, or more Bald Eagles circling around…a spectacular sight!

log bay

over at the log bay…the usual raft of ducks, and lots of Salmon.  The 3 Trumpeter Swans were out there, but far out and further down towards the golf course.

Glaucous wing enjoying the sunshine

This gull, probably a Glaucous Wing but possibly a Glaucous-wing/Western hybrid was enjoying a sunny spot…

Varied Thrush

along the trail, this Varied Thrush was busy eating the berries of the Red Osier Dogwood…and how many times have I said that recently!  The importance of this native shrub should be apparent to all by now!


and our friendly Great Blue Heron was in his favorite spot…


there he is, grabbing some tasty tidbit…

Wading Heron

now striding purposely through the water.

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