Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Varied Thrush

Not quite so nice a day today, but after the stretch of weather we’ve had, we can’t complain!

Not as nice a day

There were all sorts of Black Cap Chickadees, Chestnut back Chickadees and Bush Tits bouncing around in the bushes here…none standing still long enough for a picture.

Green Wing Tel

The numbers of Green Wing Teal have really increased today, I’d estimate about a hundred in the area…this is very poor picture of a couple of males – looks like they are just coming into full plumage.

Mew Gull

There were a number of these dainty Mew Gulls in the vicinity of the first bay…

water levels are dropping

over at the log bay it is becoming apparent that the water levels are starting to drop quite dramatically.

Wigeons and Gadwall

still lots of ducks there, mainly American Wigeon like this guys…(one Gadwall on the bottom right) and Mallard.  I looked for the Pintails but didn’t see them today, nor were there any swans in sight.

Varied Thrush

The find of the day was spotting two Varied Thrush (only one in picture).  I have thought I’d heard them a couple of times in the past few weeks, nice to confirm that they are actually now here…they often don’t turn up in any great numbers until December.

Eagles on the flats

an ‘activity out on the flats picture’….

Bald Eagle

and finally a Bald Eagle picture – this guy flew into one of the ‘eagle trees’ by the viewing platform while we were there…he appeared to be wiping his bill off on the branches before settling in.

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