Friday, September 30, 2011

End of month wrap up

This has been a funny month…we just got started when the rains came and the water levels rose and that was that!

log bay on the 29th

Yesterday I walked over to the park…here is the very full log bay.  The only bird visible was one Herring Gull perched on a piling.  I did hear a Red-breasted Nuthatch and a couple of Towhee..and Canada Geese way off in the distance.

boat launch on 29th

I took this picture yesterday, at our boat launch….

on the 30th

and this one today…which does show that the water has dropped quit quickly so by tomorrow I should at least be able to see across the grasslands again…hopefully, soon some gravel bars will start to re-emerge.  I’ve been hearing Bald Eagles calling and the Chum Salmon should start arriving in the next few weeks, so hopefully things will get back to a seasonal norm..

There have been a number of large flocks of birds around, Finches of some sort, I think possibly Pine Sisken but they are keeping to the tree tops so difficult to say for sure…the flock is growing in size on a daily basis.  There are also a lot of American Robins, they are gorging themselves on various berries at the moment.  Have also heard a lot of Black Cap Chickadee’s and seen a number of Northern Flicker, including one of the Yellow – shafted …not sure if a pure Yellow-shaft or a hybrid.

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