Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The storms that brought all the wind and rain have passed, and we are now faced with the aftermath…

High Water

it is going to be sometime before we get back to any normal walks…because this is what we are now left with…water levels almost as high as a normal spring run off year.  Not only is the path now under water, even the path to get to the path is under water!  I guess, if we don’t get anymore rain, the levels will drop fairly quickly, but for now…there is a lot of water out there.  No more ‘grasslands’, no more ‘flats’…just water.  There were quite a few Canada Geese way over against the far shore and remember how I had been commenting on the numbers of Dragonflies on the grasslands – well now those Dragonflies are all concentrated where ever they can find a bit of grass and all seem to be procreating like crazy – the question is…where will they lay their eggs?

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