Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain, Rain, go away!!!

What a miserable couple of days!  Yesterday’s windstorm has left leaves and branches down all over…today the forecasted wind has failed to materialize, at least so far, but it sure is pouring!

Rising water

all that rain has caused the water levels to rise substantially…

wet path

the path is once more cut off by water…

no more flats

and all the gravel bars have pretty much disappeared…

American Coots

The only thing visible out there today was this flock of American Coots!

Another look at the Coots

here is another look, and I see there are some Mallards huddled up against the shore as well.  American Coots are often seen in the deeper waters of Harrison Bay.  It isn’t unknown for them to venture up into the estuary, but it usually only happens at times like this when water levels are higher than they would normally be. 

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