Friday, September 23, 2011

First day of Fall

Fall offically started at something like 2 am this morning…and I must say the day is just sort of ‘weird’…

First day of fall

there were lots of big dark clouds around when we went for our walk, but a strong, very warm wind made it kind of freaky….in fact waking up to 17 degree temperatures this time of year was freaky enough…having it reach 25 under mainly cloudy skies is just plain strange…

Ducks and geese

with the wind there was virtually no bird activity along the trail, a few Robins and 3 Towhee in various Red Osier Dogwood bushes, that was it….the Canada Geese, Mallard and American Wigeon were back out on the flats, which have diminished in size as water levels have crept back up…

Geese off the point

there were even some Geese in close to the log bay…but that was pretty much it.  I did spot 6 Turkey Vultures enjoying the wind up over the hillside to the west of the estuary and could hear a few Killdeer out on the flats, but couldn’t spot them anywhere.

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