Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soggy day

Fall might not officially start until tomorrow, but it was sure giving it a trial run today!

Fall day

Quite the gloomy scene as compared to the last few days!!  I missed getting pictures of a male Northern Harrier that must have been perched on something in this area…I didn’t see it until it flew….was too busy searching the shoreline for shorebirds…of which there weren’t any.

rising water?

There had been so much rain in the last 12 hours or so that the water levels have actually come back up a bit.  It was very quiet out there, no geese in sight at all.

Eclispe Plumage Mallards

a few Mallards, including these ones, quite close to shore…two of them being males, still in their ‘eclipse’ plumage.

White Crowned Sparrow - Juvenile

No Pileated Woodpecker in any Red Osier Dogwoods today, but there were a number of these juvenile White Crowned Sparrows (adult white crowned sparrows have white and black stripes on the head – juveniles have rust coloured stripes).  Could also hear a number of American Robins and Cedar Waxwings.

I must say it is very strange, although very typical for the time of year, to not hear any Red-wing Blackbirds….if this year progresses as per normal…there should be a flock of males back with us when it gets closer to winter.  The only other item of note today was our spooking of a, I assume, Ruffed Grouse…not sure who was more surprised – me or the bird…only managed a glimpse of it but think it was a young one as it didn’t appear to be full sized yet.

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