Saturday, November 19, 2022

Lower and lower.....

 As the month goes on, the water levels just get lower and lower....

taken yesterday, I am standing at the very end of the boat launch at Kilby - needless to say the boat launch is closed because it is impossible to actually launch a boat.

here is a view of what should be the 'bay' this to...

to the same view taken exactly 1 year ago - of course that wasn't normal either - there seems to be no such thing as 'normal' anymore.

another abnormality this year, but in a good way, are the numbers of American Coots that continue to populate the area....easily a thousand out there...there are a couple of American Wigeon and a Mallard in this picture as well

up here at the estuary we are high and dry shortage of Salmon though in the little bit of water that is here.

there is one Trumpeter Swan family that has staked out this area as home.

and the eagles are arriving....certainly no shortage of food to eat!

We've got some Killdeer hanging around....

and even a Wilson's Snipe!

Song birds have been in short supply.  Think they are here, it has just been quite windy a lot of the time so they tend to be taking shelter...

of course having this guy hanging around doesn't help - Sharp Shinned Hawks eat little birds.

so we will end with an iconic photo for this time of the year here at the estuary - a not quite adult Bald Eating eating a spawned out Chum Salmon.

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