Thursday, July 18, 2019

How can this be allowed?!

Between trips away and weather that is the exact opposite of what had been predicted for summer....that is cool and wet rather than hot and dry - not that I'm complaining!  We finally got for a walk over at Harrison Bay....and to say I was shocked is a understatement.

look what they have done to the habitat along the dike!  I can understand when they trim the edges, and even going several feet down the sides, but this!  in mid July which is still nesting season.  How can this be allowed?  It is illegal to disturb bird nests.  How many nests and young birds were killed or at least disturbed in this process.

I find this mind boggling!

we know that quite a few White-crowned Sparrows were nesting along the dike.  Today we saw several adults like this one in the destruction....didn't see a single young one.

and Song Sparrows....there was a family of young Song Sparrows in another section....looking rather lost and confused.

here are some more of them.

there were a number of these little flycatchers....I'm never sure of the actual Id of these little guys.  They seemed to be enjoying the open area.

not affected were the Black-capped Chickadee.  Heard quite a few of them.

Cedar Waxwings wouldn't be affected either.  Heard quite a few, they would be right in the middle of nesting now as they are one of the late nesters, as are American Goldfinch which unfortunately would have been nesting in the destroyed areas....we didn't see a single one.

Was concerned about how the ....

Spotted Sandpiper that we knew were nesting somewhere close made out.  Saw this adult and from the sounds we suspect the babies must have survived.

Speaking of babies....

how about some baby Barn Swallows...seemed to be quite a few of them which is very good.