Saturday, November 14, 2020

Typical November

 The last while it has been a pretty typical November.....except for the water levels....

Which remain much higher than one would want right now.

Fortunately, they are now going down again, leaving a lot of scenes like this....

the last couple of days, the Bald Eagles have really been putting on a show!  All those black dots were just a few of them.

This young one was preening, trying to get dried out I guess.

There have been a lot of various waterfowl as well....

had to have been over 50 Common Merganser yesterday, and noticed them again today.

Every year a little flock of Bufflehead spend the winter in close to our area but this is the earliest I recall them showing up.  Usually they don't appear until some time in December.

Over at Harrison Bay....

some days there are eagles perched in trees all along the path....other days, there is hardly anything to be seen.

this was one of two perched right over head one day.

some days there are a lot of Black Capped Chickadees as well.

and I caught this Belted Kingfisher one day as well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Beautiful start to the month of November

 Well the first couple of days of November 2020 were beautiful!  Today, not so much!!!

but here is what it has looked like.....this over by the log bay...

where Bald Eagles continue to perch all around.....this one a young one.

the water levels, that had dropped down to opportune viewing levels, have come up again and I guess will be even higher after this next weather system moves on.

there continues to be lots of Salmon activity....more than in the past few years, which is a very good thing!

So much in the way of waterfowl too. Yesterday afternoon there had to be several hundred Mallards just laying soaking up the sun....

they weren't all soaking up the sun....this guy was busy eating a dead salmon.

With the higher water again, the eagles are running out of places to sit again....

this was way out across the least 50 in this picture.

a good grouping in the 'eagle tree' by the viewing platform too.

over at Harrison Bay it has been pretty quiet, bird wise, there are so many boats roaring up and down the river right now with all the salmon fishermen that not much chance of seeing anything on the water and lots of people walking everywhere else.  The campground is closed now so that will be a source of bird viewing again.

there were a few Bald Eagles around, including this pair, perched in trees along the shore, but not much else.