Thursday, September 27, 2018

We are back

After a month 'on the road' we are back.  Haven't really had time to even catch my breath but thought I'd better let you all know that by the time the salmon start to arrive in a week or two, we will be ready to start reporting.

haven't made it over to Harrison Bay yet, but did make it over to the park this is the 'first bay' - you can see our gravel bars are back.  There were a dozen or so Mallard in this bay and they weren't there this morning, but there have been lots of geese out on those flats.

getting to the park is no easy task!  Appears the water levels were high enough this year to have deposited a lot of large logs and bits of driftwood all through the trail - but where there is a will - there is a way.

always surprised at how 'lush' the vegetation is after high water.  Have to remember that while most of the area was baking and thirsty, the park was under water so a sort of greenhouse effect - warm and  moist equals jungle like.

and here is the log bay.  There is lots of bird life around so will get to reporting on it very soon.