Monday, September 30, 2013

Wet return

Well we are back from our wanderings and what a wet welcome back!  It hasn't stopped raining since we returned.  As we crossed the bridge over the Harrison River we were surprised at how high the water levels were....and they are even higher after what is now the 3rd day of steady rain!

As you can see it is creeping up the boat launch again....

and that means that the path to the park is once more under water, so no visits to the park for a while yet!  You can't make it out in this picture but all those distant mountains had snow on the top.

There was a pair of Bald Eagles flying about and creating a bit of a landed way over there in the eagle tree by the viewing platform and the other spooked some ducks that had been hiding in the grasses....

the ducks appeared to all be Mallards, at least as far as I could tell.  There were several sparrows of some sort in the bushes adjacent to the grasslands and a few gulls flying about, so definite signs that the fall season is getting underway.

Have noticed all the usual suspects in the yard since the feeders are now full again.  Steller's Jay of course, and Chickadees, both varieties  Black-cap and Chestnut-backed   Purple Finch, Song Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrows and even a Fox Sparrow which was a bit of a surprise since we don't usually see them until well into winter.  Spotted Towhee too and there have been quite a few Northern Flickers around, also Robins...  I think that Salmon are now arriving back at the spawning channel....hopefully the rains will let up and we'll be able to make a trip up there to check it out.