Thursday, January 30, 2020

We're back in business

We are back in business. My computer decided to die suddenly so it has been replaced. Fortunately there hasn't been anything too exciting happening but will do a bit of catch up anyway...

10 days ago, this is the way it looked around we are back to normal rain.

this was Harrison Bay about the same time.

and this is how it things look now, at least when it isn't raining.

So lets get to the birds....

the Bald Eagle pair have been hanging about their nest.

the fields are full of geese, both regular Canada and the smaller Cackling...

lots of ducks too, mainly American Wigeons, but some Northern Pintail and Mallard as well.

one day there was a large flock of Pine Siskin going over the alder trees.

Some days there are lot's of Trumpeter Swans

but the best sign that spring is on the horizon is...

the fact that for the last few days we've been hearing Red-wing Blackbirds calling.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Creeper sort of day

Slowly things are returning to normal.  Thanks to the warmer weather and rain, the depth of snow is gradually receding. The weather combination also created a lot of fog or mist today.

this was the scene at the boat launch this morning...but the amazing thing about this morning

were the number of Brown Creepers!  They were everywhere.

kind of hard to get pictures of fast moving little birds in the weather conditions.  Besides the creepers, there were Chickadee's both Black Capped and Chestnut-backed and...

even a Pacific Wren.

We made it as far as the first bay but the path, which is hazardous enough in ideal conditions, wasn't passable.

After lunch we made an attempt at walking at Harrison Bay....

Conditions weren't any better and then it started to rain, so the walk was cut short.

Misty snowy scene.

even so there were little birds in the bushes....Towhee, Song Sparrow, Junco, House Sparrow as well as Black Capped Chickadees and more of those Brown Creeper.

This was taken yesterday.....just a few of the many Anna's Hummingbirds hanging about in our complex this winter.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Winter weather

Thought I'd show the reason why I haven't been doing any postings for the last little while...

We have winter.  Today was the first day we managed to walk down to the estuary.

that would be the path over to the park.....didn't attempt it today as my little dog was turning into a snowball.  Not only do we have snow, but the temperatures have been way below freezing the entire time.

We apparently have another 24 hours of extreme winter weather before hopefully, we will be able to return to more normal weather and able to get out for walks again.

Anna's Hummingbirds are still active and depending on feeders, which we are having to swap out ever 30 minutes or so due to the cold.  While we have had a yard full of Jays, Song Sparrows, Towhee, Varied Thrush, Flicker, a few Starling, Doves etc. etc. etc.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

4 days into the new year

4 days into the new year and decade and I've been hard put to find anything to post!  The weather has been a bit of everything, mainly cloudy, often wet, a glimpse of sun, some hail and wind....

This is the scene at the boat launch right now.

and this was the log bay this can see the water levels have come up a bit - not surprising with all the rain we had on New Year's Day.

This is one of the Bald Eagles that were there.  There was also a Kingfisher but not much else.

We've attempted several walks over at Harrison Bay, one was cut short due to rain, this one, on the 3rd was cut short when our neighbour/friend in that boat out there called to us and asked if we'd like to take a run up the river - well you can't say no to an offer like that! 

so this is the view of where we normally walk, from the river - the eagle nest is just to the right of the middle of the picture.

leaving the bay behind and heading up the river.

we are up the Harrison River, past the estuary, this area is still all part of the I.B.A. but even on the water, there wasn't a lot to see.  Some eagles and raven, a pair of loon, some mergansers and common golden-eye and a kingfisher, that was about it.

here, at this point, we've turned around and are leaving the Harrison River and the IBA, heading to the Fraser River.  In all we spent a couple of hours on the water, a real treat despite the fact it was January and getting chilly towards the end as the clouds got heavier.