Friday, February 22, 2013

Well here we are, almost at the end of February already!  I'm hoping to be up and running and posting normal 'photo' blogs by the time March rolls around.  Thank you again to all who keep checking back and to those who made comments.  A decision has been made on what computer I want, hopefully this coming weekend I will get it bought.  We have resumed our daily walks, done a little slower than normal but that is fine, more time to see things.  The Great Back Yard Bird count has come and gone and we were able to participate..a high of 29 species counted in the area on the Sunday of the count, and of course a number of other species showed up outside of the count day.  Haven't seen any Robins yet, but I heard one singing late one afternoon.  The Ruby Crowned Kinglets are back, mixed in with the Gold-crowned and masses of Bushtits.  Red-breasted Nuthatch are still coming to the feeders regularly but yesterday was the first day that a pair of Purple Finch showed up, a sign that the season is progressing.  Shouldn't be long before we start watching the skies for the first Tree Swallows and are digging out our Hummingbird feeders for the arrival of the Rufous.  While driving around the area doing the bird count we spotted 3 different Bald Eagle nests, all occupied.  I understand there is one at the Golf Course as well and that the Hancock Foundation has a streaming video camera on it - I must check that out!