Thursday, December 31, 2020

Bye bye 2020

 Finally, the last day of a year that has been like no other. 

The last week or so has been very quiet...

And pretty typical for the time of year. Lots of rain but with some dry spells, lots of various ducks in the area

This closer look shows a lot of Green wing Teal, as well as a Gadwall and a Common Merganser 

There are usually some Great Blue Heron, this one is a young one as it is still showing the ‘head lites’ on the point of the wing. 

The log bay isn’t really a bay anymore

One day there was a flock of Pine Siskin in the bay, of course the main bunch flew before I could get a picture 

It has been quiet over at Harrison Bay as well although it has been nice to see geese, swans and ducks back in the fields  

Hooded Merganser aren’t often seen on the river, but the other day a pair were swimming right along the edge which allowed for some decent photos, this the male..

And this the female

So let’s end the year with what the area is famous for...
Bald Eagles this morning. So Happy New Years, wonder what 2021 has in store for us!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Winter has arrived

 Well it definitely is looking like winter now!

This was the scene this morning!  Absolutely beautiful!

This guy was enjoying the morning sunshine 

A little later I ventured over to the park, no one else had been through the connecting path

Beautiful there as well with a young eagle posing nicely

Not sure if we are seeing the same bird over and over again or what!

After lunch ventured over to Harrison Bay 

It was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately we had to cut the walk short due to a limping dog but did see a few eagles

Like this guy on the log boom and it was nice to see....

Canada geese in the fields again, although I’m not sure that is a good thing as it seems hunters have set up shop in the area again, fortunately none were around today. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

First day of winter

 It is the first day of winter and it looks like it. Wet, sloppy snow coming down turning everything white. Not sure how much we will get or it will stay, temperature not quite at freezing. If it does stay, I’ll get pictures, but right now we will settle for the last couple of days of fall which were actually quit nice. 

All was very peaceful over at the log bay Saturday morning,

This young Bald Eagle was enjoying breakfast on the shore, directly below the bench

There were several groups of Trumpeter Swan, this pair were over by one side, they were stirring up the bottom with their feet which is why there were also Common Merganser hanging with them to pick up any tidbits 

While just out front, the large family was doing the same thing but accompanied by Goldeneyes  

Up the other way 7 Great Blue Heron were hanging out.  Seven seems to be the number of choice this year when it comes to heron  

Sunday morning it was another, or perhaps the same, young eagle doing the entertainment.  He started out on the end of the top log, then worked his way down...

Then peering intently into the water, he suddenly jumped in...

Swam back to the log

And proceeded to eat the fish parts he had obviously spotted and decided to retrieve.

Also at the log bay, but less obvious, was a family of Anna’s Hummingbirds. Most too deep in the shrub to get a picture but this female perched in sight for a minute or two. 

Also on the walk back we had seen a flock of Pine Siskin take off. This would be the reason why. A Sharp shin Hawk looking for lunch. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Rain, rain, go away!

 It has been a wet, dark, uninspiring week. Kept waiting for some sort of break but they just weren’t happening 

This was Harrison Bay on the 14th when rain let up slightly in the mid afternoon 

All the usual suspects started to show a Spotted Towhee

A Song Sparrow 

And lots of Dark Eyed Junco

These two young Bald Eagles could be twins!

The most interesting that day was...

Seeing a fairly large flock of Ring neck Ducks a bit further along the river, in the same area a good size flock spent last winter. 

Over at the log bay there is even less water now than when I took this picture 2 days ago. There are still quite a few eagles hanging about in the trees, like this fellow...

Busy eating yesterday....he looked so determined that I couldn’t resist...

A cropped version of his expression.

They say we will see the sun come next Tuesday, here’s hoping!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Two very different days

 This weekend you couldn’t have two much different days!

Saturday was a stunningly beautiful day!

The Trumpeter Swan family with 5 young were back and completely ignoring all the viewers

They actually swam over and then came ashore. 

Sunny days are never the best for bird viewing but we did see

A few Varied Thrush eating the Pacific Crabapples 

Also a few Song Sparrows

Sunday was a much different day, no more sunshine!  Looked out the window and spotted something perched on the street light, thought maybe it was a little owl or hawk, but no, it was

This male Northern Flicker. They are often found on our street lights come spring as they like them for territorial drumming, but we are a long way from spring!

The chilly damp weather meant we, and the birds, had the place to ourselves,

Which meant rather than photographers, there were birds on the shore 

Took a couple of quick shots from a distance and then left him in peace.

 Had meant to go for another walk later but the weather just became too miserable. Must say the Anna’s Hummingbirds are sure enjoying the heated feeder these days. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

An almost sunny day!

 Today was almost sunny!  Of course it still had to shower for part of the walk but still....

It was a very pleasant walk. There was a flock of Red wing Blackbirds calling from the tops of trees in this area which sounded like spring - have to remember it isn’t even officially winter yet!

In spring we will be watching for swallows and purple Martin, but today it was Bald Eagles making use of the pilings.

While a Belted Kingfisher made use of another 

The log bay was busy with a a male Mallard

An Olympic Gull

And female Merganser 

Just out in front of the bay, quite the assortment, a male Common Merganser in front, a little female Bufflehead behind, a few Hooded Merganser and the rest are Gadwall 

Trumpeter Swans as well.....then speaking of swans

A family was in the first bay....not sure I’ve ever seen that before, usually by this time of the year there isn’t any water here. 

Here is a better look at the family

Also enjoying the sunshine on the far shore was a total of 7 Great Blue Heron, only 3 in this photo.