Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Coots continue

 I guess the biggest story right now, other than the chilly weather, are all the....

American Coots that continue to be over at Harrison Bay.  With the cold outflow winds we've had, a number of them have been sheltering in close to shore.

with the cold weather, water levels are once more, way, way down.

Such an unusual year!

dead salmon line the shoreline the whole way - with nothing eating them.

there are a few Bald Eagles around, like this resident pair that were working on their nest the other day, but you'd be hard pressed to find 50 where normally, this time of the year, you could easily see 500.

the lack of eagles isn't the only unusual thing this year....we still have lots of American Robins around....

and then there was this young Trumpeter Swan all by itself on the beach the other day.  There are lots of swans way out on the bay....but this one wasn't anywhere near them.

and then there is this guy - a young Band Tail Pigeon that is hanging around our yard.  

It is a case of 'what next?'......maybe some of the Scrub Jays that have been seen not that far away?!

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