Monday, March 1, 2021

When the salmon are gone.....

 Today's walk started out with an interesting observation.....

a Bald Eagle was busy ripping the feathers off of a catch because when the salmon are gone, the eagles start hunting.

Unfortunately, after down loading the photos it became apparent that what the eagle was eating wasn't a mallard but....

a loon....which I find a little upsetting as loons have a hard enough time these days with loss of habitat and human disturbance.

We continued our walk which was a little quieter than yesterday although there were lots of

Canada Geese in the fields.

As we did our return walk...

the 'kill' had attracted more attention.

with lots of carrying on and juggling for a portion.

in total, we saw 8 eagles, all adults with the exception of one.

a pair of Raven also showed up in hopes of a share.

not exactly the start we'd expected for the month, but interesting!

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