Tuesday, March 16, 2021

How low can it go?

 It has got to the time of year when the water levels are about as low as they can go....

depending on weather, it will be about a month before water levels start to climb, so will be interesting to see how much lower it may go....of course the lower the water levels now, the more room for what is to come.  Always interesting to see how each spring plays out.

Spring is arriving....slowly....I'm surprised I haven't been able to spot a dandelion in flower yet.

did find some horsetails.

Of the birds, the Tree Swallows are arriving.  Just a few seen at a time for now....

while American Robins are just about everywhere!

Even though we hear that the heron are back and busy building nests at the heronry in Chilliwack, we are still seeing some of them here as well,

this one has been hanging about the log bay.....

Red-wing Blackbirds are still hanging about the log bay....this one was pecking at this old oriole nest....maybe there were bugs in it.

The least common  bird we've seen the last few days was this....

Red-tail Hawk.....they aren't rare, it is just that you don't see them every day.

Still waiting for the first Rufous Hummingbird....and hoping to see a Mountain Bluebird or a Western Meadowlark.  Pretty sure we heard Killdeer today, but have yet to actually see one.

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