Friday, May 20, 2011

Yellow-headed Blackbird

OK, I hadn’t actually planned to post anything today.  I had hoped we’d already be on the road…but, as so often happens, when you least expect it…something exciting shows up..

Yellow Headed Blackbird

and that was the case this morning when I looked out my window and saw a Yellow-headed Blackbird in the feeder, along with the Brown Headed Cowbirds.  I only just managed this one quick shot before it flew off and I haven’t seen it since.  I’m not sure if it is one of last years young, just getting it’s breeding color, or a female with a bit more yellow on it than is usual.


Yellow-headed Blackbirds are one of my favorite birds…this is what the male typically looks like – this file photo taken just outside of Cranbrook, B.C. a few years ago.  It seems each spring one or two are seen in the area as they migrate through to the interior lakes where they nest.

Tunkwa May 2009 117

This file photo was taken at Tunkwa Lake, in May of 2009 and shows a female.  I’m leaning towards today’s bird being a female, partly because I haven’t heard any calls…if a male was around, I’m sure we’d be hearing about it…they have one of the most unmusical calls in the avian world!

May 20, 2011

So since I’m doing a posting, I might as well report on the water level at our boat launch…this picture taken this morning while it was calm…there is quite the breeze blowing out there now…

past the base of the post

the water has now crept up past the base of the marker post…

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