Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flower pluckers and a puzzle….

Another not so nice day in the weather department.  Our walk started out in sunshine…

Purple Finch plucking cherry blossoms

where I spotted this female Purple Finch feasting on cherry blossoms…

another look

here is a bit clearer picture…Purple and House Finch are know to do this…I think they are getting the nectar at the base of the flower.  House Finch especially have a ‘sweet tooth’ and will actually feed from hummingbird feeders.

creeping up the boat launch

by the time we reached the boat launch….it was raining…I’ve posted this anyway to show the water starting to creep up the boat launch…


Starting along the trail I spotted a dark object at the side of the trail…unfortunately this is the best picture I got.  My thoughts at the time were that it was a Ruffed Grouse…but it doesn’t look like a Ruffed Grouse to me…I’ve sent the picture off for a second opinion…if it isn’t a Ruffed Grouse I have no idea what it is ~  If the rain ever stops I’ll be tempted to go back and see if I can find it again in order to get a better look.

log bay

by the time we got to the log bay it was pouring…note that the lower most log is now almost completely submerged…

water rising

took this picture from the trail…that water right beside the trail tells me we only have a very few days left where we can do this walk – we’ll be having to take the longer, up and around by the streets route soon.

Canada Geese

there were a total of 7 Canada Geese in this area today…also a trio of Bufflehead Ducks.


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