Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spotted Sandpiper and more

Another beautiful sunny day!  Now it seems like spring. 

May 18,11 015

was sitting on the bench at the log bay…water levels have held steady the last day or so…

Spotted Sandpiper

when suddenly one of the Spotted Sandpipers that I’ve been hearing, flew over our heads and landed on one of the floating bits of debris…

Spotted Sandpiper

here is a closer look…

Pair of Goldfinch

lots of bird activity…including the American Goldfinch – here a pair of them…female the lower..Goldfinch are late nesters…they won’t get down to business for some time yet.

All the species we saw yesterday were there again today…lot’s of various Warblers in the Willow trees…

May 18,11 020

had been hearing a lot of Orioles…then saw this bird fly down onto the fence…my first thought was a female Oriole, but then saw that it was a male Western Tanager…unfortunately couldn’t get a clear shot of it…

Bullock's Oriole

this male Bullock’s Oriole was up in one of the large cedar tree’s…the orioles seemed to be going back and forth from the evergreens to the deciduous trees.

male Rufous Hummingbird

while I was trying to get Tanager pictures, this male Rufous Hummingbird landed on a twig beside me…


in another area, excited chattering led to Bushtits

Female Black Headed Grosbeak

a female Black-headed Grosbeak showed up…

Male Black Headed Grosbeak

and then a male.

There were lots of Evening Grosbeaks calling as well…just a typical busy spring day!

Should mention that earlier in the day I had been sitting out in my yard enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunshine when several Band Tail Pigeons exploded out of the large Broad leaf Maple they had been in, followed by an adult Bald Eagle that swooped down so low I could have almost touched it.  I don’t know if it was after the pigeons, or perhaps one of the many squirrels…there are several Eagle nests in the area and I guess there are hungry mouths that need feeding….

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