Monday, May 16, 2011

Will it ever stop!!

Will it ever stop?  I don’t mean the rising water….I mean the stuff coming down from the sky…rain, rain, and more rain…

May 15, 2011

First I’ll go back to yesterday where we did another run along Morris Valley Road…just for comparison as to where it was a week ago.  Notice too that there is a Saskatoon Bush in flower in the foreground.  Saskatoon’s are popular native shrubs in the dryer interior.  We don’t see that many growing wild around here, but obviously this one finds the edge of the road to it’s liking – which is good.  Birds love Saskatoon’s!

rising water

another look from further along the road…

Other way

and looking north.

May 16'11 005

Now back to today…I’m afraid we weren’t about to venture out for a long walk in this weather…just did a loop down to the boat launch, where the water is definitely creeping upwards..

May 16'11 009

there is the marker post, with the water only about 6 feet from it’s base now.

May 16'11 006

another look at the ‘lake’…this is from the furthest dry point you can get to..

May 16'11 008

and even that point won’t be dry for long…although it looks like it is all ‘land’  on that side…it isn’t….there is water right beside the path…

as for birds…could hear a few but primarily I think they were all sheltering from the rain.

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