Monday, May 9, 2011

Beaver and Yellow Rump Warblers…

Well today I got to see one of the Beaver for myself!

Bay by viewing platform

here at the rapidly filling first bay by the viewing platform…


on the far bank, could just make out this guy in the grasses

Beaver on the bank

he didn’t seem terribly perturbed as we walked down the trail on the opposite bank for a better angle…it helps that although my dog is definitely interested….she knows that animals are only to be looked at, not chased – of course she is always on a leash and we might not be so lucky if we encountered a wild horse….but that is another story!

Tree Swallow

the Beaver wasn’t the only attraction on the far side…this Tree Swallow was down on the bank, probably collecting nesting material…there were also all sorts of little birds coming down to the water for drinks and bathing…

heading for the water

after a while the Beaver lumbered down this, now we know about it, obviously well worn path to the water…

in the water

and disappeared.  It is so nice to see Beaver here again.  There used to always be beaver, in fact the remnants of a lodge over by the log bay are still visible, but Beaver themselves hadn’t been seen for a few years.

female Myrtle Yellow Rump Warbler

the other item of note today were the numbers of Yellow Rump Warblers – this female was at the log bay – they were throughout the park.  She caught my eye because she looked different – after down loading the picture I see why – she is a ‘myrtle’ with the white ‘chin’ rather than the usual yellow.

log bay May 9, 2011

I think the water level was pretty much stable from yesterday.  I looked for a Spotted Sandpiper, but still haven’t seen one.  My husband saw one last night…at least it was there until an off leash dog appeared on the scene.

Male Yellow Rump Warbler

in keeping with the Yellow Rump Warbler theme….here is a male Audubon…

Yellow Rump Warbler in Black Twin Berry bush

and another, this one in one of the Black Twin berry bushes….

male and a female

a male and a female here…there were actually 3 in this particular willow but couldn’t get them all in.

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