Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wet walk

Well after a slight miscalculation on my part…today’s was a very wet walk.  As we set out there were only light showers and the clouds appeared to be rising and breaking up…wrong!  it was just reloading!

rapidly rising

our path is under there somewhere!

First bay

thought the Beaver might be out and about in the wet dull weather…

Beaver handiwork

obviously he had been, from this bit of his handiwork laying in the path…this area will soon be in accessible so the Beaver will have it all to themselves for a month or two or three…will be interesting to see what they create or how much they change it.  This was quite a large Willow Branch…food? or a potential lodge?

next log disappearing

over at the log bay the rising water is obvious, that next log is almost under water now…

looking south

did a quick scan of this shoreline hoping for that Spotted Sandpiper – nothing…in fact except for hearing various calls, there just wasn’t much of anything in sight.  A pair of Geese flew over and I saw a Red Tail Hawk…there was something white way over at that point of land but think it was a floating pail…with the rising water we get all sorts of debris…


One last look and we made our dripping way home.  The good news – the torrential downpour didn’t start until we got in the door and continues as I post this!

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