Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunny day #3

Our 3rd sunny day in a row!  Such a treat!  Didn’t make it as far as the log bay today…there was an ‘off leash’ dog there.

Creeping water

did notice that the water was creeping through this low spot…there will be water on the trail within the next day or so…today was quite likely our last chance to walk over there as we’ll be away for a few days now.

View from the viewing platform

back to the viewing platform…

Beaver Splash

this out of focus ‘splash’ let me know one of the Beaver were about – and not happy about us being there…

Beaver Swimming

there he is…swimming …I expect by the time the long weekend is over the viewing platform will be completely surrounded by water so the Beavers will have the place to themselves, completely undisturbed.

Orange Crowned Warbler

with a fairly brisk breeze blowing, there wasn’t quite the bird activity…did spot this Orange Crowned Warbler

Black Cap Chickadee

and one of the nesting Black Cap Chickadees

Creeping Blackberry

noticed today that the Creeping Blackberries were coming into flower…these ‘showy’ flowers are on a male plant….the female flowers are not quite as large…and of course only the female flowers turn into delicious little blackberries.

Wild Strawberries

another, sunnier, drier spot had these Wild Strawberries…also coming into flower.

Male Evening Grosbeak

Two things I have to share…I mentioned yesterday hearing the Evening Grosbeaks….well my yard has been inundated with them…here we have a male…

female Evening Grosbeak


and here a female at the little water feature we have added to our shady yard this year.

The Grosbeaks definitely approve!







stick or??

Now, lastly, I’ve mentioned my aversion to snakes….I knew that my dog didn’t like snakes…but this, today, was almost embarrassing!  I had spotted a suspicious object on the path, but quickly realized it was just a stick…she spotted it too…and there was no way she was going to walk by it…she attempted one side, then the other side…she poked a foot in the general direction…when it didn’t move she tried the other foot…then very cautiously inched forward and eventually checked it out.  Only when she was 100% positive it wasn’t alive, would she walk past it.  She is worse than me!

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