Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wilson’s Warbler

It seems every time we have a nice day, we have to pay for it with a serious of not so nice days….

Creeping closer

at least it stayed mainly dry for our walk.  The water has crept up the boat launch a bit more…

more water by path

and closer still to the path…I expect by tomorrow there will be water in the path itself..

Female Rufous Hummingbird

there is a kind of blurry female Rufous Hummingbird in there…a male was busy trying to impress…in fact hummingbirds were very numerous in numbers today…

Wilson's Warbler

further along the trail I spotted this Wilson’s Warbler…..

Male Wilson's Warbler

It is kind of hard to see so I’ll put in this file photo…Wilson’s are a small yellow warbler…the males sport the black ‘cap’.  There were several Yellow Rump Warblers today as well.

Bottom log submerged - May 5, 2011

over at the log bay, the lower most log is now completely submerged…


I did want to put this picture of one of the many Dark Eyed Junco…Junco don’t really ‘sing’…it is more of a ‘trill’ but this little guy was really into it.

and lastly…I want to point out the importance of one of our native trees that for some reason people love to hate….

Band Tail Pigeon

the Broad leaf Maple.  Right now these trees, at least those that have been allowed to remain in the area…are in full flower as they come into leaf.  If you can, take a pair of binoculars and take some time to stare up into the canopy of one of these trees…the bird activity in there right now is astonishing…Finches, Warblers of all kinds, Hummingbirds…the list goes on and on…this of course is one of the Band Tail Pigeons.

Late breaking news…my husband just returned from an evening walk….not one but two adult Beaver and the first Spotted Sandpiper of the season!

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