Friday, May 13, 2011


Took a day off from my usual routine to go out for lunch with friend, so didn’t think I’d have anything to report today…but as usual, it is a rare day when something interesting doesn’t happen….

May 12, 2011

will start with a view of the boat launch…water levels have really come up over night…the lower section of this path is now completely underwater…you can see today was a much nicer day in the weather department!

May 12'11 008

but what was really surprising was spotting this Raccoon in our yard during daylight hours.  Raccoon are very common in the estuary area, but actually seeing one isn’t quite so common.

Raccoon in the tree

We think this must be one of last years young…mom probably has a new family and he is now out on his own…


of course the rising water is also pushing the creatures that were used to being able to roam all over the ‘flats’, into a more concentrated area.  This guy was not terribly perturbed, taking time out to do some grooming while I tried to find the right angle to get some pictures….

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