Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arriving thick and fast!

With a fairly brisk breeze blowing today it was pretty quiet down in the park which is probably a good thing as it will allow me to get caught up on the summer avian visitors that are arriving thick and fast!

Tent site under water

We’ll start off with the water levels though…this taken this morning at our boat launch…if you are familiar with the ‘tent site’ during the Eagle festival…well that is it, now under water.

creeping up the boat launch

looking back the other way…water is creeping up the drive…that white marker post is there at the top of the drive on the right…

It is in this boat launch area that the first of today’s subjects was seen..

DSLR Spring Trip 567

a Swainson’s Thrush…  the above file photo was taken at Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Alberta.  Here on the coast it has been my experience that Swainson’s Thrush are shy creatures, seldom venturing out of the underbrush…that is not the case in most of western Canada where they seem to be everywhere.  This was one of several running around in our campsite.  The ones here on the coast seem to be a bit darker brown as well…I did catch sight of one in the underbrush under one of the ‘eagle’ trees yesterday as well.

Also, while at the boat launch this morning I saw the first…

close up

Barn Swallows of the season.  This picture wasn’t taken today, but was taken in the boat launch back in 2006.  Barn Swallows are the only swallows we get in this area that have the forked ‘swallow’ tail and are the swallow that loves to build it’s mud nests on houses, sheds and other man made structures.

Next….also in the boat launch but again at noon over at the log bay…


The first Bullock’s Oriole of the season….exactly 1 year to the day when the first one arrived last year.  This picture, of a male, however was taken at the park on May 5, 2007.  The Orioles love the big Poplar trees and will be found in them for the next few months….I could hear the one today but try as I might, I couldn’t spot him…for such a colourful bird they sure blend into the foliage!  Bullock’s Orioles are insect, fruit and nectar eaters and are attracted to the colour Orange.  There are special Oriole feeders available, but the ones in our area are very adept at feeding from regular hummingbird feeders.

We aren’t finished yet though….a neighbour reported the first …

Red in the bushes

Western Tanager in their yard that backs onto the estuary…this file photo of a male was taken along the Nicola River near Spence’s Bridge a few years ago.  Tanagers do not come to any sort of feeder, but they are attracted to running water so if you have a water feature in your yard you could get a visit.  Like many of our summer birds, they are insect and fruit eaters.

and lastly…

Black Headed Grosbeak

I was sitting out in the sunshine enjoying a cup of coffee when the first male Black Headed Grosbeak of the season showed up.  These guys like berries but they also eat seeds and will be regular visitors to our feeders for the next 3 or 4 months.

Summer is definitely on it’s way….even the weather is starting to be encouraging!

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