Friday, May 27, 2011

Watery Park

Today we decided to wander over to the park to see where the water was at…but before we did that, checked down at our boat launch..

Pavement and boat launch

as a new marker…note the edge of the pavement…the white marker post is barely visible in the upper middle of the picture and the water level is now over the 1 foot mark on that post.

Robin and Barn Swallow

American Robins and Barn Swallows were busy at the edge of the water..

Barn Swallows

the Barn Swallows are busy collecting mud and grass for nesting materials..

path to viewing platform

now over to the park, after walking past numerous White Crowned Sparrows, American Gold Finch, Junco and even a Chipping Sparrow, all busy feeding on the dandelion seeds….we got to the park itself.  The viewing platform is somewhere past this point…if you look very carefully…

Spotted Sandpiper

there is a Spotted Sandpiper at the edge of the water – one of many I could hear….the park is now Sandpiper territory.  In fact on our return trip, not only was there a sandpiper here but also an American Dipper!


I missed a picture of today’s bird but this file photo was taken in the area a year or so ago…I have never seen a dipper here this time of the year…have always considered them to be winter visitors…maybe they still think it is winter!

Bushtit with bugs

The Bushtit parents were busy…too bad this picture isn’t in focus as it would have been a great one…note the mouthful of bugs…obviously they have mouths to feed!


The path to the log bay is now completely under water, so up and around the private streets…

rising water

to reach this area that can no longer be called a ‘bay’…

log bay

In fact, with water now on both sides of the path…I think today’s visit will be our last for sometime as the entire path from the, hopefully well anchored bench, to the access gate will probably be under water by next week.

One last note…the Rose breasted Grosbeak continues at my feeders today, have spent many frustrating minutes trying to get better pictures of it…it isn’t always here, it usually does show up about the same time the rain starts…the feeder it prefers is usually either occupied by a Douglas Squirrel or overrun with Brown Headed Cowbirds…but we shall persevere!

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