Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sounds of spring and ~ swallows?!

A lovely day today....

not clear blue skies but nice regardless....and as I was walking, everywhere there were sounds of spring, 

and one of the sounds had me doing a double take.....see that whitish dot on the right side of the photo?  That was one of a number of Tree Swallows!  That young Bald Eagle was perched on one of the pilings that holds some swallow nesting boxes, when the swallows return they immediately  start checking out the boxes and they weren't happy about the eagle, and had been harassing him, hence his look of disgust!  Prior to today, the earliest record I have of the swallows returning was March 2 days earlier than ever before (at least as far as my records go)

the chattering of the swallows wasn't the only springtime song, the Red-wing Blackbirds are starting to stake out territories....

I've noticed European Starlings hanging around this particular piling for a while now, in fact it looked like this guy had some nesting material with him.

and of course there were American Robins, so nice to hear them calling from the tree tops!

The Black-cap Chickadees seem more paired up and were spending lots of time down low in the bushes....

Speaking of little birds....a flock of Bushtits moved through, going over the seed heads of the native Hardhack shrubs....I've mentioned before what an important role these native shrubs play in the habitat.

and then there were some Gold-crown Kinglets as well.

this female Hairy Woodpecker was one of several woodpeckers busy in the bushes.

and let's not forget those Varied Thrush's....they're still here too!  All in all it was a very 'birdy' day.

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