Sunday, February 2, 2014

World Wetland Day

OK, before I start this, I am wondering what happened to yesterday's posting, because I did do one!  I know things were a little strange, it took a very long time to up load photos, but where did they go????

So back to today, not only is it Ground Hog Day and Super Bowl Sunday - Congratulations Seahawks! - but it is also World Wetlands Day...

at our wetlands, when it looks like this with blue skies moving in from the north you know that something extreme is going to happen.  If it was summer, it would mean it was going to get very hot, but since it is winter, it will mean it is going to get a lot colder.

it was actually very quiet this afternoon when we went for a walk before the game started.  

this guy (Great Blue Heron) was sitting in the area above.

on the way back I spotted this Varied Thrush and while I was angling for a shot I heard.....

this female Hairy Woodpecker working away.   

Now we'll see if this post shows up where it is supposed to!

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