Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunny but very cold

The sun shone beautifully today.....

but the temperatures were bitter, especially near the estuary where the winds continued to blow...

the angle of the wind had changed slightly so all that dust was heading straight at the housing people didn't expect that when they moved here!

there were a few ducks, Green-wing Teal and Mallard paddling around in areas of open water, there was even a Killdeer (middle, far left in photo)....

and this Great Blue Heron was cuddled up right against the bank where it could soak up the sunshine and was out of the wind.

There was absolutely nothing all along the trail, again the feeders were busy, my dogs water bowl was getting as much attention as the feeders although I had to go add hot water several times as it kept freezing....and apparently it is supposed to get colder yet.

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