Monday, February 10, 2014

Got the snow....and the rain...

Seems the forecast was right.  We woke up to snow this morning, as predicted....

by the time I ventured out (was watching the Olympics), the snow had stopped and a bit of drizzle was coming down.

that one lone heron was over at the log bay, along with a few Mallard and some Red-wing Blackbirds.

here is a closer look at the Great Blue Heron.  Also saw a couple of eagles today, the first since the cold winds and I briefly spotted what I think was a Rough legged Hawk but it took off before I could even think of getting the camera out.

What really surprised me was as I was approaching home I could hear....

and then I spotted....a Red-breasted Sapsucker!  I could actually see him from my house and for the past hour and a half, at least, it has been working on the same spot on the same tree.  I don't know if it has found a wonderful nest of over wintering insects or if it is excavating out a potential nesting spot.  I just hope it hangs around to be counted when the Back Yard Bird Count starts on Friday.

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